[A] on programming

Voladolid Online Judge

Hosts a running service for programming challenges and contests where programmers can compete against each other. There is a wide array of publicly available problem sets located in nine categories . Each solution can be coded in either ANSI C, C++, Java or Pascal with some limitations on program memory footprint, running time and some restricted functions .

To say the least, it is possible to wield the advantages of each language to match the target problem. Each one is quite short and can be coded and submitted quite quickly. It is after all , a practice makes perfect scenario and as a side reward, the online judge keeps track of all submissions and rankings.

Solutions submitted by me in the past ( new ones will be added as time goes by ):

100.c 299.c 386.c 591.c

Online judge website : http://icpcres.ecs.baylor.edu/onlinejudge/index.php

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