Corona SDK – build automation

In my experience, Corona SDK build process has been a source of pain. It feels like it has been an afterthought thrown in on top of the authorization and remote build system. For those that don’t know, building the code takes place on Ansca’s servers and the process follows something along the lines of:

  1. Edit and save the source files
  2. Launch or keep the Corona simulator open
  3. Go to File -> Build -> Android (or press , Cmd + shift + b)
  4. Fill in Application name, Version, Package, Keystore, Key alias and save path settings
  5. Press build button

Repeat builds do save some time by remembering typed in values, but it’s a far cry from a one click build I would like have. Ideally, the application should be launched on the device at the end of the sequence.

To achieve this, I had to resort to using SikuliGUI automation and little bit of Python scripting. Following gist contains the code: . Variables in the beginning point to the location of your project, terminal application and so on. Application specific data like name and version should be set there as well. The script will use Android adb tool to install and run the application at the end.

Paths inside the script are OSX specific, but changing them to work on Windows should be very easy.

What you will need: Python, Sikuli and the above gist. Here is a ready zip archive of the script and screen captures required to make it work:

Here it is in action building the sample Clock application:


Corona SDK – build automation from Arek Bochinski on Vimeo.