Return of the Banff Squirrel

A Photo Bomber’s joyride,

Located at is a small script I created to copy and paste the famous by now Banff Squirrel.

You can view a test for overlaying the squirrel on Google by clicking here:

The initial news broke out on with us making the script for overlaying The Squirrel on any website by the end of the day. What happened next was a rollercoaster of traffic and squirrel buzz. We had a 4,000 % traffic spike as a result of increased demand for Squirrel LOLs . Other websites have used our image crop, located here or simply followed suit in joining this fun activity of Photo Bombing a website.

Overall, we are happy to provide a few laughs and please remember to watch out for squirrels when you set that photo camera on a timer and strike a pose.

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