Esenthel Engine

Esenthel is an overachieving project that delivers a punch with minor developer effort. After trying out many game engines and rendering engines, I have learned to approach each with a certain grain of skepticism. Not because of the lackluster quality of most cheap, err. free engines. It’s a defense mechanism we engage in when learning principles of 3D, game development and overall story boarding is paramount to propping up a limping or incomplete development environment.

I have to say , with utmost respect , that it is by far one of my favorite pieces of software I have tried this year.

It delivers on most promises, encourages code centric, instead of drag-and-drop development and does it with ease.

I am getting ready to deliver a small demonstration game and post the code live.

Until then, check out more of the Esenthel Engine here.

Other mentions go out to OGRE Graphics Engine , C4 Engine , Irrlicht Engine , Unity 3D as some of many tried and tested , very good alternatives that almost suit my development style.

I would like to add that Valve Software’s Source Engine is still my favorite despite having only modded with it.

Overall, I feel very comfortable thinking grande for the first time when writing a non-mod . Esenthel might bring my mini-game idea to fruition.


Arek Bochinski