GUI546 – Pong |. |

Assignment 2 for GUI546 at Seneca College in Graphical User Interface (GUI) Programming

Who doesn’t like Pong ? A breakout hit of epic proportions, Pong has traversed a long and arduous path into our hearts.

The program is written in C++.Net and utilizes basic Windows GDI features to simulate a game of Pong.


Once the program runs, it requires the user to login. Login process creates a flat binary file in the same directory as the executable.

The archive below has one pre-registered user:




Core of the program is based around learning graphical user interface programming using C++.Net , expanding concepts of threading and communicating a managed application with an unmanaged dynamic link library file. The program loads a previously created unmanaged Win32 .dll file from the ReleaseDll directory.

The program does not attempt to adhere to actual rules of Pong nor does it try to play with intelligence. I like to win , what can I say 🙂

Zip archive is located here:

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