OrangeStats – Team Fortress 2 log file parser

Orange Stats is a Python script that will parse Team Fortress 2 server log files in order to aggregate the data for later use. Regular expressions capture events as written to the log file by the game server. Each event has a corresponding structure containing various information such as : date , time, victim, aggressor, weapon type, event type and other event specific information. Team Fortress 2 adds a vast array of new gameplay and class specific events which extend the Half-Life 2 log file structure. More information can be obtained from Valve Developer Community here.

Orange Stats will insert extracted data into a database for later use by a web front-end or a Team Fortress 2 in-game plugin. The table schema is a bare bones implementation that supports CP map style gameplay. Design requirements focused on simplicity and light weight code implementation. Following game events are captured and categorized :

  • Connect
  • Disconnect
  • Map load
  • Join Team
  • Point Capture
  • Point Capture Block
  • Pick Character Class
  • Player Death
  • Player Assist
  • Revenge
  • Built Object
  • Destroy Object
  • Domination
  • Steam user events ( user ticket validation )

Character class specific data extraction works for events such as:

  • Sapper events, Uber charge events, Engineer object events

A web front-end will be uploaded along with the database schema as soon as possible. Orange Stats working demo can be viewed here . Web front-end features a slight AJAX touch through PrototypeJS .

Back end runs a light PHP script.

Python script is located here .

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