Unreal Tournament 3 resource package explorer!

Upkextract is a very early release of a simple utility that can open and parse the binary .upk packages shipped with Unreal Tournament 3. These packages are designed to be used by the game engine as well as by Unreal Editor. Contents within these archive varies from textures to sounds and shaders.

Current release of Upkextract can parse a UT3 resource file and find any sounds contained inside it. Unreal Tournament 3 uses Ogg Vorbis files for sound effects and encodes them using Xiph.org’s libVorbis aoTuvb5 library.

Sound file metrics such as gain, channels and others are not extracted in this release.

Archive contains the executable and a sample resource file from UT3.


2 responses to “Unreal Tournament 3 resource package explorer!

  1. I see it has been over 8 months since you’ve mentioned anything about this. Would is be possible to get your source code please if no further updates will be made?

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